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takes your business to the next level, making it easier to process live data, automate inventory management, ensure accuracy and overall simplifying the process of business management.


  • Conveniently order from anywhere
  • Get notified when your order is ready and Skip the line
  • Earn points when you order Through the app
  • Redeem points For Amazing rewards
  • Do more with less effort


  • Do more with less effort and better results
  • Suitable for all business types
  • Frees up phone lines
  • Reduces time spent taking orders
  • Benefit from a mobile kiosk
  • Let guests skip lines
  • Give back to you customers with built-in bonus point system


Hit the ground running with personalized onboarding and an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.


Make smarter business decisions with detailed, built-in reports with data on sales, employees and more.


Save hours by managing your stores and accessing sales, inventory and employee data anytime, anywhere.

Currently only available for Android

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User friendly scalable solution, easily adapts to many business scenarios, We offers everything your business may need to become more efficient.


The one-stop platform you need to thrive

Everything you need to succeed in one intuitive cloud system.

Simplify complex operations

Streamline workflows and get more done in less time by leaving the busywork to us.

Scale and grow your business

Ignite your potential by expanding to new channels, adding new locations and learning from your data.

Provide exceptional customer experiences

Exceed customer expectations with every transaction and build a loyal community, online and off.